Primary Science Fair 2017


Congratulations to the children in 3rd, 4th, 5th and  6th class who participated in the Primary Science Fair at the RDS on 14th January. Their project was entitled ‘What effect does our Sun have on the Earth and ……. Are we alone?’ They caused quite a stir with the level of understanding they displayed when engaging with the many visitors to their stand. The children had been working on the project since late September with some frantic work to pull it all together during the week after the Christmas holidays. As part of their work the children sought advice from Dr Leslie Malone, who drew up a series of questions to help guide their research. Dr David Malone visited the class in September and talked to the children about the orbit of the earth and the effect this has on our time patterns and climate.  Dr Oisin Creaner visited the classroom to explore the question ‘And are we alone?’ Children worked in pairs to record their findings using data gathered through observations with the school telescope and from various websites. Data was also presented by students using Excel to create graphs. Other students helped to select and position the images to create the wonderful posters which formed the backdrop to their exhibition stand. The children will invite various community groups to view their work over the coming week, including parents, parishioners and the rest of the school community.

The children would like to thank everyone who helped them with their project, especially the wonderful parents who helped on the day.

Well done everyone!

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