Active School Committee News

Game of the Week

One of the many ways that we here at St. Columba’s N.S. have been working on becoming more active is through something that we call ‘Game of the Week’. Each week members from our Active School Committee choose a new game and take time on the yard to teach it to children from the other classes. The committee have had great success so far with games like ‘Busy Bees’, ‘Traffic Lights’ and ‘Over and Under’.


Walk and Talk

‘Walk and Talk’ takes place once a week and is a chance for each child in our school to pair up on the yard with a child from a different classroom for a ten minute walk. This is a great opportunity for our pupils to have a chat with someone new while staying fit and healthy.


Active Breaks

We have also been improving our activity levels during the school day with five minute active breaks every day. This has been a brilliant way to take a well-earned break from our school work while building on our fitness levels.



Thank you to our fantastic committee members 

Committee members:
Yohannes, Joseph, James, Seán, Sadbh, Sarah, James and Sam











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